Trusted Online Payment Methods

We don’t need to be in the festive shopping season to know how important online payment methods are. For a few years now, the online industry has been booming, and it’s an essential part of every business.

Given that people use card facilities nowadays, it is less likely that your online business will survive if it does not propose electronic sales. Many online payment methods are now available. But to make your clients feel safe and secure, you must only allow the best ones to be available on your site. Using a dodgy payment system may lead to poor quality service, meaning you’ll be losing custom. Instead, you need strong service-level assurance that your systems are safe for customers to use – a customer who is scared to pay for fear of having their data stolen won’t come back to use your services again. In the case that you run a high-risk business, it would be advisable to fall back on reputed merchant account providers (such as who can offer you a payment gateway for various modes of payment – be it credit cards or other modes of online payments. . This can be beneficial because all verified payment gateways are expected to comply with the PCI DSS guidelines, that detail in all aspects of cardholder information safety. Refraining from doing this can cause such companies severe fines and penalties, which is why they look to outsource the handling of such sensitive data to secure cloud solutions providers, like TokenEx, who can remove all cardholder information and store it away safely; hence providing a safe experience for customers. Keeping with the theme, here is a list of trusted payment methods for online transactions:


It is very obvious that PayPal will be the first choice in this list. PayPal is one of the most used online payment method all around the world, and over 8 million payments are processed on a daily basis. As a matter fact, PayPal has more than 137 million active users in over 193 markets and in over 26 currencies, which makes payments easier. Other perks that PayPal proposes is card swiper and checks accepted through mobile camera; thus, allowing customers to make a payment without having to leave your site. One top site which makes use of this trusted online payment method is Magical Vegas. While you are playing a slot game, you can refill your account through PayPal. The site even gives you the option to save your details and it is most secured as each page is encrypted.


Previously called Moneybookers, Skrill, offers interesting features like low fees, free setup and the ability to send messages through your account itself. Apart from being a famous yet simple substitute to PayPal, this service is most apt for international businesses. It allows international merchants to transfer money from their account to prepaid debit cards in just a couple of minutes.


If you are a business which is based in development, Stripe is the best payment method. Many developers use this payment method as it lets them integrate it into any project by using Stripe’s vigorous Application Programming Interface (API). This system does not require merchant to create an account, and at the same time, it lets them build their own payment forms which can overpass the requirements of PCI.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is Google’s PayPal version which allows money transfers and offers a Google Wallet card! Given that we all know how to use Google and surely do it in our daily lives, it should not be an issue to use one of their applications to receive and send funds. Few months back, Google also announced that it will soon release a card which will be connected to users’ accounts, which mean they will be able to use Google Wallet at any retail shops. Because it is convenient, Google Wallet is definitely a must-try payment method.

If you want your business to flourish, you can do the needful to add these payment methods to your site. It might be a difficult choice, but you can contact the different providers to see which one is better for your type of business.