For small businesses and entrepreneurs, advertising can be a real headache. During the startup phase, most new ventures are strapped for cash and advertising doesn’t even enter the equation. We’ve seen entrepreneurs driving around in their cars and dropping leaflets through doors in an effort to advertise at low cost. We’ve witnessed others wasting thousands on overpriced marketing drives and we have also seen the failure of countless print, radio and TV advertising campaigns.

Advertising is tricky, we know that from experience. It is also very hard to quantify and determine just how much you got out of a campaign. When Oliver set up the AFG, he tried lots of different types of advertising campaigns. In the end, he was left scratching his head. Which one had worked? He didn’t know! Where had money been wasted? No idea.

At some point, Oliver realised that most new clients had come to him on the foot of recommendations from others, not through ads. Undoubtedly, word-of-mouth advertising works best. The only trouble is, that the word-of-mouth-circles is bound to be small and based in your local area. You are not going to get a recommendation across the world.

Somewhat baffled and frustrated, Oliver went on to study the business of advertising, just about at the same time as he was setting up this website. To his surprise, the website took off like a rocket, readers kept flocking to our site and Oliver – wearing his advertising hat – decided to make use of his new found online fame. He started analysing our website data and realised that good content draws readers. Consequently, he highlighted our services beside the best blog posts and wasn’t even surprised when the phone started hopping.

Just about at the same time, a friend of his sought to advertise his new business and Oliver decided to experiment. He placed his friend’s ad next to his most popular blog post. It worked. His friend was astounded at the results, the demand for his service shot up and he was our very first, very happy advertiser.

What Advertising On Our Site will Do For You

Oliver has since perfected the art of making advertising space available on his site. He knows precisely what works and what doesn’t. Today, we have many long term partners and you could be one of them. Our packages are fair and result-driven, the process is Childsplay and all of our advertisers get results and this is why:

  • Direct Access to 15’000 Unique Monthly Readers With an Interest in Finance: If you are targeting entrepreneurs and people with an interest in financial matters, you can access them directly on our site.
  • Content Driven Smartly Placed Ads: Oliver has ad placement down to a fine art. Ads are always published in the best possible position with a strong focus on results.
  • Super Links: We put a lot of work into placing clickable links in blog posts and in your ad and in various other site locations. This has proven to send thousands of readers to our advertiser’s website.
  • Professional Service and Competitive Rates: Because of Oliver’s initial struggles with the business of advertising, he works very hard for all his advertisers and offers the best deals with top results.

What to Do Next

Just get in touch and we will send you an information package, outlining all the different options. Once you have studied them, we will discuss the process with you and find the best way to proceed. Our focus is on providing you with competitively priced advertising space that will yield results and provide you with a top return on investment.