Tips for finding the right real estate agent for your needs!

So you’ve heard about the inventory shortage, or seller’s market across the United States – where there are more buyers than homes available, which leads to sellers getting top dollar for the homes that are on the market. With this in mind, maybe you are thinking now is the time to sell (and top agent insights support that choice), but, you have one problem, you need to find the right real estate agent. If you haven’t worked with an agent in the past, or are in a new city or neighborhood, there are some tips to help you find the right person to meet your goals, whether you want to sell your home quickly, sell it while buying a new one, or just aren’t sure where to begin.

Go on recommendations

Your first instinct might be to turn to an internet search to find a trustworthy realtor, but don’t be surprised if you come back with so many results that you are quickly overwhelmed. An easier and more effective strategy can be to start with asking friends and neighbors in your area for recommendations before using the internet to blindly search. Some factors to consider are consulting with people in your network who have bought or sold homes that are similar to your own. Additionally, you might find it helpful to browse through websites (such as that could provide helpful guides regarding buying a home near your preferred location or near the seafront.

Do your research and use data

Whether you are considering a pool of agents from your own internet research, or are working from recommendations from friends, your search doesn’t end there. You may have to look for agents that have a solid real estate seller lead generation. You’ll want to use data to see the agents’ track record for selling homes, including how many they typically sell in a year, and their typical timeline. All of this might help you find the best real estate agent in your area. You don’t have to do all of the research on your own though, HomeLight’s “Find an Agent Tool” and others like it gather the data for you so you can compare people you are interested in working with. This will be useful as you interview potential candidates to find out more about their background and experience.

Ask the right questions

With the data in front of you, you might need to call Peggy Young or any other agent you are considering, and ask them questions to get a better picture of what it would be like to work together and the timeline you should expect for selling. Here are some questions to bring up during your conversation: What is your days on market average? How many homes have you sold in the past 12 months? What is your sale to list price ratio? How well do you know the market in my neighbourhood and how long have you been selling homes in this area? It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to assess if an agent might be the right fit or if you would be better off continuing your search.

Selling a home can be a stressful process and finding an agent to be your professional guide and advocate can put you at ease..