Oliver has been successful in creating a content rich, informative website that many thousand readers enjoy each month. By writing countless posts and continually updating this website he has optimised the quality of this website and readers have responded exceptionally well. The feedback has been entirely positive and the discussions continue.

From early on, Oliver has published many guest posts in an effort to keep the content fresh and provide his readers with posts from top experts. Guest writer have benefited by having access to an entirely new group of readers.


While Oliver possesses knowledge and expertise in all financial matters, he wishes to diversify the content and publish the best voices.

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Publishing opportunities can be rare, and we would like to offer you some space on our site. If you are a professional blogger, we will make sure to link back to your own website and bio and highlight your experience and top credentials. Our readers have always enjoyed the work of professionals and are likely to join your many subscribers.

Newbies are also welcome to get in touch. You may either submit a ready-to-publish post or start off by discussing a post topic with us. We like working with new people and Oliver is always particularly keen to support the efforts of novice bloggers.

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Topics and Titles

The content we provide on this site quite varied, though strictly speaking, your post should generally be about money and finance. Here are some of the topic we like to cover:

  • Banks and Banking Services
  • Credits and Credit Cards
  • Car Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial News
  • Global Economy
  • Investment Ideas
  • Making Money
  • Make Money Online
  • Saving Money
  • Shopping Tips
  • Stock Trading
  • Taxes

Novice blogger may be unsure of potential titles and we are consequently listing a few samples here:

  • How to Save Money on Banking Charges
  • Should I Throw Out My Credit Card?
  • Best Online Shopping Sites

We are open to suggestions and urge you to get in touch, even if your favourite topic is not listed.

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Our writers, readers as well as our entire team never fail to reap lots of enjoyment and benefits from the publication of guest posts. Hopefully, yours will be next.