Networking is probably one of the things Oliver enjoys most about his work. Even back in college, he was eager to help out and make himself available to others and he is still much the same today. Connecting with others, forging collaborations and creating mutual support structures are essential and this is why Oliver would like you to get in touch.

Ultimately, it’s about building a network of entrepreneurs and small businesses, availing of each other’s services, finding ways to collaborate and turning this group of small companies into a loud and powerful lobby.

If you would like to join Oliver in his efforts, please fill in your details in the form below.

Small Business and Enterprise Network

Essentially, Oliver has sought to gather experts in all areas entrepreneurs and small business may require. By connecting with a variety of professionals, Oliver has created a network, within which small businesses and entrepreneurs can find all the advice and support they may require.

As a consequence, our network of entrepreneurs and small business owners already has many members. On joining us you can expect to meet the following people:

  • Small Business Owners and Managers: Through the AFG, Oliver has worked with a wide variety of small businesses and has made his services and advice available. If you own a small business and feel that you could benefit, please get in touch.
  • Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs have been in touch to learn and to teach and you can contact Oliver regardless of whether you are a super successful self-starter or a newbie.
  • Accountants: The AFG has also worked with a variety of accounting firms and can point you in the right direction if you require such services. Alternatively, if you accountancy firm specialises in looking after entrepreneurs and small businesses, please let us know.
  • Marketers and Advertising Specialists: Marketing and advertising are vital for startups and small businesses. If your company needs assistance in this area, Oliver may very well be in a position to put you in touch with the right people. If you offer top class marketing and advertising services for small businesses, please let us know.
  • Legal Experts: Oliver has also been glad to obtain the advice provided by some members of the legal profession. Starting a company has a lot of legal implications which you may need help with. Company law experts wishing to share their expertise in this area should also contact Oliver.
  • HR Specialist: Your business may have reached a point where hiring staff is a necessity. The HR specialists in our network can offer you support. Those in a position to provide assistance in this area should also contact us.
  • Business Mentors: If you are a business mentor and would like to offer your services, please let us know. Equally, if you feel your venture could do with some mentoring, we might just be able to help.
  • Wannabes: We have also been in touch with lots of people who are just starting off. You may wish to connect with them, while also availing of our support.
  • Guest posting an contribution: If you want to guest post then you can use the contact form below or you can visit write for us page to find out more about guest posting or writing for us.

We strive to build a solid mutual support structure, avail of each other’s products and services and engage in all other networking activities. Many people have connected and gone on to collaborate in a variety of ways.

What We Do

Through the AFG and this website, people can avail of all of the above networking opportunities, receive top-quality advice and mentorship and share their own expertise.

How to Get in Touch

Please fill in the form below. You will quickly receive a reply and become part of a strong and growing network.