Would Your New Venture Be Suited to Local Commercial Start-Up Units?

I was invited to tour a local authority commercial venture some weeks back. The idea is that all start-ups in the local area, that are looking for a small office or workshop to run their business from, can access three discounted locations taking advantage of the facilities and amenities whilst making it home to their business. Amenities are an important staple in an office, it needs to be able to cater and facilitate the needs of the business no matter how small. Taking a look at this post will show how amenities over time will adapt and change within the setting so they are better suited to what a workforce requires as surroundings change.

I was generally impressed at the initiative to encourage those smaller of businesses who aren’t always able to utilise their home for their working space and would prefer to begin their new venture from a fully-inclusive surrounding instead.

What Such Local Start Up Units Offer

Currently, this project offers a dedicated Office or Workshop to suit your individual requirements alongside:

  • A manned reception Monday Through to Friday
  • 24-Hour Entry Access
  • An Easy access and free car parking area
  • A Postal Box
  • Use of a Conference Room
  • Access to Photocopying Services
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Basic Kitchen Amenities such as a Kettle and Fridge
  • Monthly Direct Debit Collection for Rent

A Great Way to Start Your Venture in Professional Surroundings

Had I have been able to access this type of venture, I believe I would have taken up such an offer instantly! Unfortunately, this was not around when I started out for myself. Perhaps the hardest aspect of starting out can be getting to grips with finding the right kind of environment to begin work from. Not everybody is suited to the home, and younger start-ups do need to bounce off each other if they go it as a small group.

Not Having to Worry About Hygiene Issues

Opting for local commercial start-up units for your new venture not only offers convenience but can also alleviate concerns about hygiene issues. Many commercial spaces prioritize cleanliness and maintenance, including regular pest control, disinfection, and mold testing in Atlanta, GA, or wherever the unit is located, providing a professional and hygienic environment for various businesses. So, whether you’re establishing a retail store, a co-working space, or a service-oriented business, the communal areas and shared facilities are typically well-maintained.

Working from Home Can Sometimes Be Soul Crushing for Potential Entrepreneurs

Many a time I was asked why I left the comfort of paid employment when I stared out on my own business. There were some who just didn’t want to take my adventure seriously; more so because I worked from the home! A select few hedged bets on how long it would be before I went back to my old Boss with my tail between my legs! At the time I felt crushed, as I was trying to build myself up as people seemed determined to knock me down.

An Inspiring Way Forward for Younger Start-Ups

I fully see the advantage of a younger entrepreneur start-up venture accessing this kind of start-up unit. Though you are effectively still in charge of your own venture and remain your own boss, you also get to access all the above, which you would not necessarily have daily use of say, for example, if you began from home.

Perhaps this is the best compromise, or the way to get the perfect start up balance? Whatever it may be, if you can access such a set up in your area, I thoroughly recommend looking for yourself.