Vaping vs. Smoking – Which one is cost-effective

What should be my safest choice to quit first?

There are several reasons attached to health which can compel us easily to quit smoking but if that’s not enough, then what? Maybe the day-by-day getting high prices of cigarettes let us leave them. If we are not ready to quit it for the sake of our health, then might we quit it for the sake of our wallet?

Otherwise, there’s an option to adopt alternatives like vaping or nicotine pouches that can be bought online. And the good news is that vaping can be quite cheaper than smoking. But maybe you would have several questions in mind that it’s more expensive than smoking because it requires the vape kit and refills of e-juices, etc. Yes, maybe.

So, what? Let’s dig it out and check them both comparatively that which one of them is cost-friendly?

Yearly Expenditure on Cigarettes

To calculate that how much a smoker spends on his or her cigarettes, first find out the number of cigarettes they smoke and the type of cigarettes they prefer. Price varies according to these factors. According to a research by SmokeFree NZ, if you are smoking a packet of cigarette a day, you are almost spending around $177 a week, or $9,200 every year.

OMG! That’s a whopping amount.

So, you easily say like this that if a person earns an average wage of around $25 per hour, then he or she must have to work for 45 minutes just to afford a daily pack of cigarette.

Now, let’s talk a look at the other side.

Yearly Expenditure on Vaping

The cost of vaping also depends on the amount you vape per day and the type of e-cigarette and e-juice you choose. According to a research by Vape Emporium (UK) and E-Cigarette Reviewed (US), each bottle of vape juice is equivalent to 10-15 packs of cigarettes. So, if you are vaping in the amount as same as your cigarettes then you would be spending approximately $50-75 a month on e-juice, or $600-$900 a year. That’s less than 10% of the cost of the cigarettes.

Of course, there’s some initial cost included as well as you would have to buy vape pen batteries, plus an e-cigarette. There’s a huge range of e-cigarettes and starter kits as well to suit all kind of budgets. But, remember it’s a one-time cost which still would be cheaper for you instead of smoking.

Similarly, there are considerations for the type of ejuice. Remember that PG liquid is consumed much slower than VG liquid because PG produces more flavor and fewer vapors instead the VG liquid produces much vapor. By choosing a liquid with high VG content you will produce a much higher volume of clouds and burn through a lot more liquid than by using a PG liquid.

And most importantly, use your e-juice wisely so, you don’t need refilling again and again. All of these help in making your vaping choice cost-effective or expensive.

Admittedly, vaping isn’t for everyone and it does come with it’s own associated health risks, so some people might not want to quit smoking in favour of vaping. But don’t use that as an excuse to keep smoking, as there are plenty of other routes you could take. Namely, you could try something like SISU’s Wintergreen snus instead. Snus, just like vaping, is much cheaper than smoking and is also a lot better for your health.

But if you’re happy with vaping, then the decision should be an easy one. Yearly expenditure of $9,200 or $900? Make a wise choice and use the savings for an exotic holiday or something like that! The possibilities are endless.