Tools And Websites Every Young Entrepreneur Should Know About

Being an entrepreneur requires having several talents and skills within a person. Most entrepreneurs would love to have a 48-hour day in which to accomplish everything.

Needless to say, no one can do everything. It’s not just that there are so many distractions, but also that there’s so much to do!

Since we need to eat, sleep, and have a life along with a business, here are some tools and websites the modern entrepreneur should have in their business toolbox. They’re free and online, which should be the perfect combo.

Let’s explore each one.

1. Google Docs and Sheets

Online file-sharing and collaborating have taken yet another step forward, and it’s high time everyone starts taking advantage of it. Use Google Sheets to keep your employees apprised of their duties, and Google Docs to work with everyone on a single file together.

The ability to see a single document or sheet and see its editing live is a huge advantage for any meticulous entrepreneur. No more multiple versions of projects to get confused between. Plus, you can proofread, give comments, and chat on the same platform with several people.

2. Clockspot

Entrepreneurs can usually find payrolls and time sheets the most painful part of their job. The process is mind-numbing and also has several ways for employees to find loopholes, such as getting a friend to clock them in.

The task could be made quicker and more accurate with the help of Clockspot. Besides keeping employees on their toes, this business tool also gives them the flexibility of remote work. It’s also super easy to use, so don’t hesitate before you plunge in.

3. Typeform

Entrepreneurs need feedback from several groups of people so they can perform the best job they possibly can. They’d like to know what their customers think of their product; their stakeholders of their return; and their employees of their workplace, etc.

Bland and monotonous surveys may be quick to make, but are more of a chore to fill. Typeform combines the best of both worlds by making fun, professional surveys that are hard to ignore! These are beautifully designed, user-friendly and mobile-friendly so your audience can take them on the go. With almost no effort, that valuable input would be at your fingertips.

4. Canva

An entrepreneur may have a lot of skills, but graphics designing isn’t always one of them. Fortunately, Canva makes this task utterly simple and even enjoyable.

Whether you want a banner for your website or a cover for your book, Canva’s there to help. Choose a gorgeous background and text layout, drag-and-drop your required designs, and have a unique result in no time. It will also help with your training sessions by creating infographics and slides.

5. Fiverr

This is the place you go to get just about any kind of labor you need. Here, you’d find a treasure trove of graphic designers, writers, translators, business card vendors, suppliers, and the list goes on.

The services start at five dollars, so you can pay according to your budget.

Of course, the quality of the work may vary. For this, you should rely on the Fiverr system of rating workers and the experience they’ve had.

6. Under30 CEO

This is a platform that provides advice for new ventures and businesses. It mostly aims at novice entrepreneurs who may not know the ropes yet.

If you often find yourself wondering how to get over a certain work-related obstacle, this site may have all the answers a young entrepreneur needs. Even if you’re a seasoned business player, you may need this place to get up to speed on the latest apps, tools, and business strategies.


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