How to Stay Motivated When You Begin Your Own Business Venture

Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed and Start-up company’s; they have all chosen to make their own way in the world of work. Whilst it is commendable, it is also easy to forget that making your own way can also mean being totally alone when it comes to making tough decisions about the future.

Whilst at times the ability to create your own path may be the inspirational spur you need, there will be times when going it alone can downright suck! Fortunately, these days are few and far in between, but learning to spot the down days and making sure you work at reducing them can help you combat potential loneliness before it has time to set in.

Reach Out to Fellow Newbies in A Similar Situation

With some many people each year deciding to go their own way and make their mark on the world, whether it be through freelancing or as an entrepreneur, there are an abundance of people that will share the same drive and ambitions as yourself. It is merely a case of just finding them.

Social media, Local Business Networks and even Co-Working and Hot-Desking ventures will be full of people in the same situation as yourself. What you may therefore feel you miss out on when going solo, such as those over-hyped water cooler moments, you could soon be replacing with powerful like-minded coffee sessions where you bounce off ideas and thoughts with people just like yourself!

Stand Back and Enjoy the View Once a Month

When you don’t have a group around you in your workplace, you won’t get to go on work events and neither will you receive a bonus when the profits are up! When you become your own boss, the problem is you may be working so intently in the business, that you won’t even get to see the moments that create such celebrations!

When you work for yourself, you will come across some great contracts that, if they took place in the workplace, would be cause for celebration. However, it’s possible for these celebratory moments to simply mould into a normal day when there is only you around to acknowledge them.

Schedule one day per month where you remove your head from inside the workings of the company and concentrate on everything that you have achieved over the past month. Whether you trawl through fancy pie-charts, spreadsheet forecasts or even your growing bank balance to get to these celebratory moments, don’t let those achievements pass you by without acknowledgement.

This way of working is meant to be fun – make sure to never forget this!