How To Keep Your Finances In Order While Job Hunting

There are many reasons a person may become unemployed, maybe your employer downsized or you came in late too many days in a row. Whatever the reason, you cannot hesitate to start job hunting again. Even if you have an emergency savings account you still want to have a job as soon as possible, that money won’t last forever.

There are some things that you can do in between jobs to help you save and to help you bring some money in. Hopefully, these tips will help you survive your time in between jobs while you’re doing the tiring task of job hunting.

Spend Less

Start off by spending less money on stuff so that you can make the money you do have in savings last longer. That may mean getting more thrifty with your grocery shopping and with shopping for the things you need in your household, like toilet paper and laundry detergent. There are plenty of discount type stores out there that can allow you to save a good deal on your everyday shopping needs.

You may also want to cancel some things, like cable. It’s way cheaper to invest in one of the many streaming services, like Netflix. If you have more than one streaming service consider canceling all but one of them (stick with the cheapest one).

You can also do things like cutting down on your electric usage or the amount of heat you’re using by having better control over the thermostat. There are many ways you can cut back on bills and expenses and it is a great way to reserve more money while you’re job hunting, especially since you’ll be putting a lot of gas in your vehicle while you’re looking (although you also want to apply online every chance you can get).

Get A Side Hustle

The side hustle is basically the new term used when you have a second (or third job) or you have an unconventional type of job. These are generally jobs people don’t make a living wage from, but they help with supplemental income. While you might not be able to live off of it, having a side hustle can really help you out when it comes to needing a little extra cash while you’re between jobs. When applying for these side hustles, you want to stand out so you have a better chance of earning some extra money. Checking out resources like as well as similar others in the same line, will help you get everything together and make your qualifications and credibility stand out.

Some great side hustle gigs can include Uber driving, delivery driver (maybe even on your bike), freelance writer, or even babysitting. Make sure you do some research on any laws or licensing that come with the gig you’re considering. You also want to make sure that you know what to expect when it comes to tax time.

If you have some musical talent and can play an instrument you might want to do some busking. Find out the laws, again, first. But some people make a great deal of money just playing their guitar on the street corner (at least you’re doing something to earn their donations).