Has the Cable Provider Sky Come to The End of The Road?

Drive around most residential areas and you won’t fail to notice the number of satellite dishes attached to houses. What was once out of reach for many average working people, soon because the norm regardless of income when Sky implemented more and more selected TV packages which they initially stated suited all budgets!

However, though many homes may boast a satellite dish to the rear of their property, this is not the best way to discern that they continue to have the services of Sky in their homes. When a customer leaves Sky, their dish is not automatically taken down. Therefore, looking at the overall picture of customers with dishes on their home is not evidence of the amount of people accessing Sky’s Services.

Why People Are Turning Their Back on Sky

I would go as far to say that there is a huge percentage of people owning Sky dishes, but not the actual services of Sky. That is for one very simple reason: streaming services! With the explosion of services such as Netflix, NowTV and Amazon Prime, there is no need these days to have to invest in an overpriced package from Sky to watch your favourite programmes or channels.

Why Subscription Packages are The Way Forwards

With no yearly contracts, or indeed contracts of any kind, to bind you in, Netflix and NowTV are a pay-as-you-go service. This means that should you decide you don’t want the service one month, or can’t afford it currently, you simply halt your subscription. There is no need for long winded explanations as to why and, when you’re ready, you simply commence your account once again. With small monthly payments each time, the wealth of channels and films you can access is beyond belief. Plus, you can even access your Now TV with a VPN when you are outside its serviceable geographical locations.

Amazon Are Almost There, But Not Quite Monthly Just Yet

Amazon Prime is another subscription service allowing you exclusive access to films, TV programmes and originals. Yet, they currently request a year’s worth of payment up-front for this service. Whilst this doesn’t allow you the flexibility to halt your service, as Netflix and NowTV do, Amazon make up for this by allowing a full package of Prime giving you free next-day delivery on all Prime items. If you regularly access Amazon for purchases, this could make up for that lack of monthly payment.

With so many original programmes, not seen anywhere else beforehand, why not look for yourself at these subscription services and see if you could save some money by switching to them?