Four Tips For Better Local Marketing

When it comes to marketing you definitely want to reach out to local people as much as you want to be online. If your store has a physical location, you obviously want to bring in local business. Even if most of your sales and business is done through the internet, you can still benefit from local marketing.

Use Local SEO

Start by integrating the right SEO plan into your marketing scheme. If you want to reach a local market, then you need to make sure that your marketing implementation includes local SEO. That means, simply, mentioning your town/city or even your neighborhood name. Pick the names that are most searched when people are looking for something in your hometown area, use them often.

Local SEO shouldn’t be reserved only for your website or blog. You want it to cross over onto your social media as well. This not only helps attract more people but it also helps keep your various online entities connected with one another.

Get Business Cards And More

Business cards and brochures are a couple of the most important marketing tools a business can have. Whether you’re using them to promote locally or you spend a good deal of time at trade shows, these pieces of paper and cardstock are what will help people remember your business and it will let them know just how to contact you.

A website is basically a virtual brochure. However, in a more personal, one-on-one setting, a brochure is far more ideal an option than having someone get out their phone to look at your site. You could use the cheap brochure printing london offers or you could print these brochures in-house, but whatever you choose, having a brochure is a sound investment. You may want to go over some of the more popular offerings your business has while you’re face-to-face with a potential client. A client could then use the website to answer any questions they may have when you’re not around. To make their online experience even better, you could make your website mobile-friendly or create an easy to use app. Apps these days are incredibly popular because they’re often easier to use than mobile browsers, so it’s a great way to build a relationship with your client. Plus, there are the added possibilities of mobile app advertising which could connect you with other clients.

Try The Radio

There are still people out there that listen to the radio, and not just streaming radio or the paid programming ones. Reach out to the stations that you can dial up in your area and talk to them about advertising. Often rates will vary depending on the time of day you want your ad to run.

Radio advertising is not a dinosaur, just like business cards are still valid these days. Another marketing structure that is still worth looking into is local newspaper advertising.

Advertise In Local Papers

Print media is a slowly dying thing, but there are still some newspapers out there that are going strong. You may see less of them, but it’s likely your town or city has at least one newspaper still. Contact them.

By advertising in local papers, you’re helping keep that institution alive and you’re reaching those few people that still don’t get on the internet or spend very little time on computers (yes, there are still people out there that don’t even have smartphones).