Can You Make an Adequate Income Selling Forever Living Products?

Working with a variety of different business types, I am approached by many people wanting my advice on Forever Living. For those who have never heard of this company, Forever Living are basically a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company who sell health and beauty products – with the dominate ingredient of Aloe Vera as it main selling point. Though its founder, Rex Maughan, has become a millionaire in the process of forming this company, it has slight level of controversy surrounding its practice.

How Is Forever Living Supposed to Work?

Those interested in being a part of the Forever group are encouraged to sign up as representatives. This way, they can then begin to sell the products to friends, family members, colleagues and others who are interested in them, whilst gaining some of the profit back depending on the actual sales figures. Whilst this is meant to be the idea, the reality is a heck of a lot different!

 How Does Forever Living Actually Work?

The only way to make any kind of decent income with Forever is to be ruthless; and it isn’t by selling the odd item to a friend over Facebook either! No, the only way to see any money back from this role is to move as high up the chain as quickly as possible. That means you need to recruit and basically work off the profit of those reps below you! The more senior you become, the higher percentage and bonuses you will receive.

Forever Living Selling Techniques Leave Little to Be Desired

Perhaps this is the businessman in me talking, but what I strongly urge people to consider with Forever is their pushy sales technique. To begin selling products, once you have forked out a tidy sum for your welcome package, you ideally need to hound people online to sell your products. With Facebook the current favourite way to do this, new recruits are encouraged to sell, sell, sell. The problem is, with most people in the sellers Facebook pages as friends and family, this immediately becomes awkward!

Be Aware of Companies Who Request an Initial Outlay!

Perhaps what arouses my suspicions immediately with Forever Living is their insistence on all new representatives, who sign up to the company, to invest £200 for a box of the company products. Whilst I’m aware that when you start out on your own you do encounter initial outlays, I fail to see or understand this one – considering you are meant to be working with a company who has been established since 1978.

If you need to pay to work for a company, this is the time the alarm bells should be ringing!