Building A Business Website: 4 Critical Sections Every Site Should Include

In this modern, technological era, every legitimate business has a functional website. Without a well-designed website, a business will almost always fail to produce enough revenue to continue functioning for very long.

An important precursor to longevity is a wide marketing base, and the internet provides just the right environment for such a thing. Before beginning your new business website, take these few suggestions into account. If you’re having trouble making your dream website a reality, you can always seek assistance from website designers in Bedford or elsewhere. Here is a quick breakdown of a few of the most critical sections included in every successful website.

It all starts with the homepage

Ideally, most of the site’s traffic will land on the company’s homepage first. Website designers will do well to research the most aesthetically pleasing color schemes, as colors can be very powerful marketing tools.

The fonts used and amount of white space left in the design are also important to the aesthetic value of the site. Always remember, people decide within the first ten seconds of landing on a site whether or not they are interested in staying.

The “About Us” section should include

The “About Us” section of a website should include helpful and useful information about the company. Let people know exactly what products or services the company provides for the community. This particular example of a well-built “About Us” page added an explanatory video for users to watch.

This section is also a good place for positive customer testimonials. Sometimes it is even best to write out a short bio section for some of the key professionals in the organization, so people feel as though they know some insider information.

Communication is the key to customer service

Every great customer service department is a champion of communication. A business website serves as an online location for the company, so customer service must extend to the virtual world as well.

Design a comprehensive “Contact Us” page for the site that allows web users every opportunity to speak to someone who can answer their questions or solve their issues. A simple form to fill out is one of the best ways to communicate with site users looking to communicate.

Create relevant and enriching content

Content is what makes the internet, the internet. There is video content, image content, and textual content (to name a few). A business site may choose to build its content by managing a company blog.

A well-written blog provides useful insight into the industry, and allows readers an enjoyable avenue to interact with professionals on an informal level. Blog posts link your website to social media. If a reader is interested in a post, they should have the ability to share that post on their social media profile for others to enjoy.