Best Part Time Jobs to Supplement the Family’s Income

Few families have the luxury any more of having a stay-at-home parent, even while the children are of pre-school age. Yes, the economy has rebounded nicely since the Great Recession, but even so, the cost of living continues to skyrocket and minimum wage in most states isn’t even enough to support a single person working full-time. let alone a person responsible for providing for a family. Even white-collar workers find it difficult to meet all the bills with enough left over to invest in their retirement, and so the other spouse needs to work at least part-time. If you are looking for part-time work to supplement your family’s income, you may wish to consider the following possibilities.

Jobs You Can Do Online

There are dozens of jobs you can do online with literally no training. If you are literate and creative, why not try your hand at blogging or writing web content? Perhaps you would like to set up an online marketplace or try your hand at building websites. If you have any IT experience, you could definitely find something to do in your ‘spare’ hours which wouldn’t interfere with your family obligations but would bring a bit of extra income in to set aside for investing or that proverbial rainy day. There are countless online work-from-home jobs to consider.

Substitute Teaching

While each state has different regulations, most states don’t require substitute teachers to have a degree in education. Most states and school districts allow subs with a bachelor’s degree to cover classrooms when teachers need sick or personal days and some states even allow individuals with an associate’s degree to fill in from time to time. Make sure to thoroughly understand laws in your state and read the posted substitute teacher job description. This is perfect for the stay-at-home mom or dad who really wants to get out of the house once or twice a week. In fact, you might even want to apply at the school your children attend. That would be interesting – to say the least.


A rather simple way to make some money and supplement your family’s income is through babysitting. There are several babysitter jobs that you can find by simply browsing through the web. The best part about this type of this job profile is that you do not require too many skills or knowledge to be good at it. The primary requirements of this job entail patience and care when it comes to monitoring children and pets, which is much more manageable than many other part-time jobs you can find.


There are many temporary employment agencies around the country and these, also, are a great way to work a couple days a week for those stay-at-home parents who are able to work outside the home at least part-time. While many temping jobs require you to work five days a week for an indeterminate length of time, others simply are looking for ‘fill-ins’ when companies are short staffed on busy days. From manufacturing to retail or office work, it is possible to find temporary jobs you can work or refuse as needed, based on your family’s needs.

Even stay-at-home parents need to get out of the house from time to time and if you choose a part-time job on the days your spouse is at home with the kids, why not schedule those days away? Any of the above jobs can be tailored to your schedule because you have the option to say no if your schedule doesn’t allow you to work at those times. If your finances demand you work at least a few hours each week, these jobs are a good place to start.