4 benefits of getting custom club ties for your team

If you are struggling to find ways to advertise and organise your club events it may be time to invest in some custom club ties for you and your members. Here are some of the benefits of adopting club ties within your group.

They help you organise the group

It can be very challenging to keep a whole group together on a trip. Having a club tie for every member helps you distinguish who is in your group without the need for name tags.

They add to the sense of inclusion in the club

Leading on from the material benefit, club ties also help to foster a sense of inclusion within a group. If you are a sports club this is essential to make everyone feel part of the team, helping on-pitch performance.

They give you a chance to promote your club when worn to events

If you are a group that is always on the hunt for new members it can be challenging to find ways to reach them through traditional channels. Wearing custom club ties to events is a great way to advertise your existence to a highly relevant target audience.

They add to the Joining Experience for new members

Depending on the type of club that you are you may be having to bring in new members to account for any lost membership. To do this you need to make joining your club as appealing as possible. Having a custom club tie to give them as part of the joining process will add to their experience.

They are great fun!

This one links into the sense of inclusion. Many sports clubs enjoy getting changed into a suit and club tie for events like away days and award nights. They make the team feel a sense of togetherness and help build team spirit.

Adopting custom club ties in your organisation can help you add to the sense of inclusion and morale at your club. James Morton offers a wide range of customisable club ties as well as a feature that will allow you to design your own bespoke custom club tie to create the perfect match for your team.