3 Ways To Increase The Size Of Your Wallet

Money makes the world go around. Right? This overused saying is correct in so many ways. It is what we must have to eat, dress ourselves, secure efficient transportation, and have a roof over our head. Yet, we never seem to have enough. Several of us live from paycheck to paycheck and can juggle bills better than a clown can juggle bowling pins. So, what can do to alleviate the pressure on our pocket book? Below are three ways that you might be able to squeeze a little blood out of that turnip.

Turn Off The TV

You worked all day and you are finally home ready to relax. The number one way to do that is to plop down in front of the tv and surf through the channels until we find something entertaining enough to distract us from the stress of the day. Unfortunately, during the commercial breaks, we are bombarded by companies doing their best to make sure the next time we are out shopping, it’s their brand we are looking for.

If you would like to save a little money, turn off the tv for a while. Limit the number of commercials you are subjected to. Most of us already have a way of doing things in our life that suits us and we are comfortable with what we already have. Commercials are good at convincing us that we need more than what we have or that we need a better version of what we have. In most cases, “better” translates to higher cost.

Tie Up The Loose Ends

There are several small things in our life that cause our wallets to leak unnecessarily. Things that, by themselves don’t make much of a difference, but together, can mean that we are losing over $100 a month and not even noticing. Turn off the lights in your home, especially when you are gone. Make sure that you have a programmable thermostat.

Want to see a new movie or read the newest book? Check them out at a library. Repair your clothes instead of throwing them out. Instead of going out with your friends, invite them over. When was the last time you played music trivia with your best friends anyway? There are several little ways to stop up the leaks in your funds. Sit down and see if you can think of any more. Make a list and tie up the loose ends.

Renovate Your Home

Sometimes, it’s necessary to spend a little to make a lot. This case is true when it comes to selling your home. Your home is special to you, but there were always things that you might have changed to make them a little more exciting or homey. Chances are, there is a home buyer waiting to see the same things in their future home that you were.

Take the opportunity to make some changes. Your home, as is, on the market will probably fetch a good price, but making some renovations will, in most cases, raise the market value. The most popular renovations are in the kitchen, bathroom, and the outside appearance of the home.

Making a little extra cash isn’t always in a second job. Take a look at your budget, including all the tiny details of what you spend on making your life convenient, and you’re bound to see even more ways to save money than pointed out here.