3 Mobile Apps Every Investor Should Have

No matter which market you invest in, the one thing every investor has in common is the need to stay current in a market where they have money invested. Whether it’s a volatile market like Forex or a slower moving group of stocks, the only way to get out without incurring major losses or buy when the opportunity is there is to know what’s going on, not only in the market but also in global events. Everything has an impact on the market, so it’s best to stay informed all the way around. As an investor with a busy schedule, you can keep up on events while on the run with these three mobile apps.

1. SigFig

SigFig is listed first, not necessarily because it’s the best app but because users have said that it tends to “go the extra mile.” Besides real-time market data, SigFig tells you about all those other little things which could impact your profits, such as overcharges, hidden fees, and even funds that are drifting. It even makes suggestions based on their latest algorithms. Like other apps, SigFig also lets you store and check your investment data, and also allows you to update your portfolio, storing it all in one handy location.

2. Find Digital Magazines

Although not actually an app, the Find Digital Magazines website allows you to find an iPad or digital magazine for other devices to download to your mobile device. When it comes to staying current on global events, which could have a huge influence on the markets you are playing, this is the app to have. Download the latest on political tensions between nations you happen to be trading currencies in or perhaps read about the latest political unrest in the Middle East if you dabble in commodities like crude. You won’t get very far as an investor if you don’t learn to make market predictions based on real-time events.

3. Bloomberg

If it’s one app that allows you to stay current with the news while watching market movement, Bloomberg does it all. However, unlike Find Digital Magazines, you can’t simply download the magazines and journals of your choice to stay current. As well, you can’t hide the news stories they choose to show if you aren’t interested in seeing them. Even so, critics say that this is the best app to stay current on all markets ranging from stocks and bonds to currencies and commodities. It is user-friendly, and the graphics add to the appeal.

The point is, even the busy investor who is constantly on the go can keep up to date on the fly with mobile apps. Whether you are looking for any global events which might have an impact on your holdings at some future point or you are looking to move quickly in a volatile market like currencies and commodities, you need to have information at your fingertips. There is no better way than a mobile app that lets you access what you need, when you need it, and has features that let you trade in real time? If you don’t have a mobile app and have invested in any market whatsoever, it’s about time you got at least one, isn’t it? This is your future wealth we’re talking about after all!